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Fighting With the WP.com Post Editor

As soon as I start a code-oriented blog I find out that the WordPress post editor doesn’t have a keyboard shortcut for applying <code/> to selected text.. Bah!

I’m looking for a few ways around this:

  • An external editor (web-based or otherwise) which supports auto-conversion of markdown into html and uploads to WP.com.
  • Chrome extension or userscript to hack in an additional ctrl-shift-c keyboard shortcut for the TinyMCE editor used by WP.

Relevant links:

Update 2013-01-21

I found a number of useful projects on which I could build the chrome extension I’d mentioned above, including marked and EpicEditor, but then I landed on Octopress and may have to migrate there. What’s not to love about a blogging framework you have complete control over and can host directly on Github?